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With such a large variety of golf clubs on the market today http://www.cheapnfl49ersjerseys.com/cornellius-carradine-jersey/ , it is no wonder that many newcomers to the game have a hard time when it comes to choosing new clubs.

Well, listen up! Here are a few simple tips to help you out the next time you shop for golf clubs.

First, are you between five and six feet tall? Then standard clubs will most likely work for you. And that holds equally for males and females. If you are taller or shorter than that, then you should look at custom made clubs.

Cast Iron or Forged Iron Golf Club?

For most golfers http://www.cheapnfl49ersjerseys.com/eric-reid-jersey/ , the standard cast iron clubs are the best way to go.

Why do we say that? Very simply because standard cast iron clubs tend to have a larger "sweet spot". That refers to the area right in the middle of the club face. The larger "sweet spot" you have, the smaller the error. Being a little off center will not affect your shot to any great degree. This makes cast iron clubs ideal for anyone who wants a more consistant shot., especially beginners. Their swing is not as consistant as a seasoned golfer or a pro and so they have an easier time driving the ball well with a larger sweet spot at their disposal. That is why you see a lot of oversized club heads on the market today. They allow average duffers the opportunity of striking the ball well and getting great drives more often.

By contrast, forged iron golf clubs are "harder to hit" with as they have a smaller sweet spot.

Why http://www.cheapnfl49ersjerseys.com/daniel-kilgore-jersey/ , you ask, are forged iron clubs even made then?

This is due to the fact that forged iron offers a better "feel" on your shot because it is a softer metal that cast. The better players, on the other hand, will give up that larger sweet spot [and even some distance] to get that better feel of each and every shot they take. With a more consistant swing they usually strike the ball dead center on most shots anyway. With the better feel of the forged iron http://www.cheapnfl49ersjerseys.com/bradley-pinion-jersey/ , they can draw, fade, hook or slice the ball deliberately when circumstances on the golf course require it.

Next question, will you use steel or a composite material for the shaft of your new club?

How fast can you swing your golf club? Average speed for a golfer falls in the range of 80 to 95 mph. If you have a slower speed then you need to look to composite materials. The result of lower swing speed is less yardage on each shot. You want to find some way to offset your lower swing speed. And that is where the composite shaft material comes in. The composite shaft will give you longer drives than you will normally get with your low swing speed.

For those of you with faster swing speeds http://www.cheapnfl49ersjerseys.com/joe-staley-jersey/ , and subsequenlty good distances, steel shafted clubs will give you a lot more control on your shots. This is very similar to the advantages of iron over cast clubs.

Have your swing speed determined by visiting your local pro shop or golf store that is equiped with a swing speed radar device. Or simply buy a small radar device for yourself. You can find some small devices that operate by batteries but are effective enough to determine your swing speed.

With just these few starting hints, it is generally best if you rent a few different sets of clubs as you play and take note of how each club assists or blocks your game. You are searching to determine your personal strong points and weaknesses. Try out the diverse types and sorts of clubs available to you and see what works best for your own game.

All the best on your club selection!
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Visit Golf Equipment Online for more information on buying golf clubs..

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Many golfers simply play for fun and relaxation while others take the game extremely seriously. Regardless of the reason for playing, a golfer is not likely to have much fun if their game is not up to their expectations so many are continuously seeking to improve their golfing skills. Many golfers have a great drive but suffer with their putting techniques and improving this skill can indeed improve the entire game. While golf putting is often thought to be one of the simplest golf shots http://www.cheapnfl49ersjerseys.com/trent-brown-jersey/ , it is often the biggest problems for many golfers. In order to improve your golf putting skills it is important for a golfer to understand the physics of putting, swing, body movement, and distance control. It is the purpose of this article to discuss the above topics in the hope that understanding will lead to a better golf game.

Golf putting is said by some the only shot that's possible to execute without flaws but it is more than just a straight line hit the target shot. Simply put http://www.cheapnfl49ersjerseys.com/zane-beadles-jersey/ , putting is just a series of individual skills much like pitching or chipping but until you get the skills in place, putting can be a very frustrating thing. Putting is an individualistic stroke that takes patience, repetition and perfect practice. While many golfers reject the idea of practicing it is apparent that the golfer will indeed improve his and her putting proficiency by practice. While practice is important so that a golfer will learn to repeat the same action consistently, it is also critical that the proper technique is being followed. The first step is to control your swing.

In golf http://www.cheapnfl49ersjerseys.com/dontae-johnson-jersey/ , everything begins and ends with your swing and while you don't have to understand all the ins and outs of the golf swing in order to play well, it certainly will help. Most beginning golfers dont realize how much skill and technique goes into a proper golf swing and while many golfers practice a great deal, they never achieve the swing that they want to possess. Generally, the correct golf swing is a set of highly complex body movements which require precise coordination of the hands http://www.cheapnfl49ersjerseys.com/earl-mitchell-jersey/ , wrists, arms, shoulders, torso http://www.cheapnfl49ersjerseys.com/george-kittle-jersey/ , hips, legs, and knees of the golfer. The golf swing requires you to draw t. Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China MLB Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys China NFL Jerseys China NBA Jerseys Free Shipping Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale Replica Soccer Jerseys From China Adidas NHL Jerseys China
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