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THE BEST CAMERA, the old adage goes, is the one you have with you. These days, that means your smartphone. Smartphone makers are well aware of your photography needs and are locked in a never-ending game of photography one-upsmanship—one camera, then two, then three … and now five?

This optical arms race presents a problem for makers of point-and-shoot cameras. After all, why bother buying one when your next smartphone could very well outperform it? For camera manufacturers, the only way to win is to play a different game.

That's where Sony's RX 100 VI comes in. It feels custom-engineered to do everything your smartphone camera can't—and won't be likely to do in the future. I've found myself reaching for the RX 100 VI more often than my smartphone, and occasionally more often than a full-frame camera like the Sony Alpha 7III. At $1,200 it's expensive, but it does an excellent job of carving out a new niche and making itself a part of your everyday carry.https://www.ttspy.com/best-way-to-track-phone-for-ios.html
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