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People aren’t loving Kanye West’s new Yeezy Foam Runners that ‘look like Crocs’

Big-toe heels barely had their day in the sun when Kanye West’s freaky new footwear trotted into frame. The newest Yeezy shoe was revealed on Twitter last night, and we can’t decide what’s more obnoxious, the curious aesthetic of the shoe or the caption simply reading: ‘Disruptive’. The all-white shoe is called the Yeezy Foam Runner. It’s part of the Yeezy brand, yeah. It’s foamy, sure. We’re just not sure there will be any kind of running done in this spooky little shoe.

Some were quick to point out that this style of shoe might spell out troubles in the realm of perspiration. ‘I can smell their feet from here,’ wrote Instagram user @nikkiortease. Another user pointed out that the shoe is reminiscent of a certain air freshener.

While North West was spotted wearing a pair back in June, the shoes won’t be released until 2020, giving the public plenty of time to warm up to the futuristic trend.

According to the Yeezy Mafia website, the shoe will be available at ‘a very affordable price point’. As the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 is still retailing for upwards of £350, we might just wait and see about that.buy Yeezy 350 Static Outlet with best price
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