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Can Clomid Boost Sports Performance in Women?
Both female and male athletes may abuse drugs to boost performance, and yet, we never hear of female athletes getting caught taking Clomid dosage.

(Yes, I realize that the sports that make headlines with regards to doping are often male dominated, but the Olympics, for example, include both genders in a highly competitive arena.)
This is an important question because female athletes – due to their significantly lower fat deposits – are at risk for experiencing irregular or absent ovulation. It’s not uncommon for female athletes to stop getting their periods or have very light, infrequent menstruation. This is exactly what Clomid is meant to treat.

Here’s the good news: current research has found that Clomid does not boost testosterone blood levels in women. Therefore, Clomid shouldn’t be considered a doping substance for female athletes.
However, you should always check with your athletic association before starting any treatment.
Clomid Sometimes Hidden in Blackmarket Performance Products
Bodybuilders and athletes may be temped to purchase products online that are advertised to boost performance. Some of these products may be listed as containing "all natural" ingredients or claim to contain nothing specifically banned.
However, it has occurred that some of these blackmarket products contained undisclosed clomiphene citrate.
One should always exercise caution when purchasing supplements or drugs online that come from questionable sources. Unfortunately, claiming to have not know a product you took contained a banned substance won't get you out of trouble.
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