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Very interesting. Chains of Domination changed into first of all discovered at Blizzcon in advance this yr – or, Blizzconline if you without a doubt have to. The update includes a new storyline, raids, and some other mega-dungeon which will discern out and grasp with some friends.

Chains of Domination alternatives up WOW Classic Gold after the defeat of Sire Denathrius, the chief of the Venthyr covenant and head honcho of Revendreth. You’ll be plunging into new depths of the Jailer’s domain to piece collectively greater of his destiny schemes. To foil them, you’ll want to deliver the 4 renewed covenants collectively and defeat the Jailer’s new champion, who's a “merciless instrument of depression conscripted via Sylvanas Windrunner”.

The raid Knapp refers to is a 10-boss mmobc.com affair called the Sanctum of Domination. It takes region in Torghast, and duties you with swatting aside baddies till you stumble throughout the Banshee Queen and, properly, swat her apart, too.
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