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This foreign money can be earned in many special approaches, and one of the easiest techniques of NBA 2K21 MT gaining small amounts of VC is by using answering questions at some point of the NBA 2K21's 2KTV display. Luckily for the gamers, the show takes place all through the loading screen before a suit so no time can be wasted answering the questions. The show presents gamers with distinctive questions every time until all questions of the episode are spoke back.

In order to reply the question, players have to choose the correct solution out of 4 given options. This time around, the brand new episode's quiz consists of 12 questions, and thanks to LOLGA a Youtube channel person named AFK information , we've got the listing with the precise solution for each question。

The new season for NBA 2k21 is underway with masses of new features, cards, and lots more to decipher and uncover. 2K made the announcement with masses of latest info, adding in a hint of mystery, leading gamers to a treasure hunt on their personal in Season Six with Glitched Reality.
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